Going update after racing

Goodwood’s Clerk of the Course Ed Arkell said: “I am very happy. Everybody seems happy with the ground. We have had lovely quick fast ground and I have left it at Good to Firm, Good in places.

“We have obviously had a very hot, drying day and have lost somewhere between 3 to 3.5mm. The forecast is much the same for tomorrow, so we will aim to put 5mm on everything tonight. We have never been able to do it before, but we are going to have a go and will see what happens. We will put 5mm on the straight and the round course, and we will water the bends as well. All being well, there will be 5mm on everything by the end of the night.”

Looking ahead to the Coral Stewards’ Cup, he said: “I am of the opinion that the quicker it gets here, the less there is of a draw bias. The readings this morning across the straight were 7.6 stands’ side, 7.5 centre, 7.6 far side. So that would suggest there is absolutely nothing [in terms of bias] there at all.”

On the removal of the cutaway for the last two days of the meeting, he added: “There is nice fresh ground. I think I have probably made a rod for my own back with the cutaway – everybody would have quite liked it in today and probably tomorrow as well. We will just have to look at what we do next year and how we manage that. I am pleased with everything.”